Our company is here to help you whether you are looking for a Forensic Pharmacist expert witness or a patient advocate.  Our two company divisions ACS Forensic and ACS Patient Advocacy Services will exceed your expectations.  


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Consultancy is our first language 

Parent  Company

AlternaCare Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 and has always been dedicated to the healthcare needs of its patient-clients.  With the addition of ACS Forensic and ACS Patient Advocacy Services Divisions we are now able to provide more intimate services to you.   

Our business philosophy is simple.  Control growth and focus on quality of services delivered not quantity.

Our CEO is Dr. Richard W. Brady, Pharm.D., CPh., PhD., a licensed clinical and consultant pharmacist who also holds a PhD in holistic medicine.  He has been in practice for over 37 years and has managed this company which he founded for 20 years.      


Our Company at a Glance

We are an independent professional expert witness practice ready to provide you with the expert witness testimony, legal writing and research services you require to win your case.


AlternaCare Services, Inc. provides centralized 

management for all of its divisions.  

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Expert Witness


Patient advocate

AlternaCAre Services, Inc.

Diversified consultancy services 

Our Patient Advocacy company division was created by our CEO after he developed head and neck cancer promising himself and God that if he survived he would create this company division to help patients and future clients to navigate the healthcare system that is geared to supporting the provider not the patient.


Our Grand Opening for this division is 01 January 2016 but the website will be published in a few days allowing future patient-clients to contact us. Until then you can direct your inquiries to the address of the parent company on the contact us page.